How an HP ink cartridge is made.

June 29, 2016 Jim Williams

This is why we only offer Genuine HP ink cartridges. We are one of only a few wholesale distributors of Genuine HP ink cartridges. We receive brand new, fresh ink cartridges every day direct from HP.

Why choose original HP industrial inks?

April 20, 2016 Kirk Rudy

Why choose original HP industrial inks?

HP invented thermal inkjet printing. For more than 25 years, HP engineers have studied ink and media interaction and applied their knowledge to create a line of high performance inks customized to a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. By choosing original HP industrial inks, you get the power of one of the strongest ink development programs in the world and the quality and reliability of HP supplies. Every orignal HP inkjet print cartridge must meet strict quality standards. All HP inks are subject to a battery of tests to prevent problems that may degrade image quality such as...